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Disclaimer: Following are the points which i have noted out from a site. These are not my views.

There are up-close-and-personal photographs of Taj Mahal structural details including the pinnacle, lotus, OM etc etc

First read this -

- Taj Mahal gets mentioned in history pages even before Shahajahan. Aladdin Khilji who came to India 300 years before Shahajahan mentions it. Babar, who was the 1st Mughal emperor had stayed in Taj Mahal. He mentions it with detail.

- When Babar died, sister of the next emperor Humayun, describes that the body of Babar was kept in the front porch of Taj Mahal - this was years and years before Shahjahan was born.

- There is no mention of Tajmahal in any of the letters of Shahjahan or Aurangjeb

- A carbon-14 test done on a door of TajMahal takes its age 300 years before Shahajahan. Of course you have to remember that doors were replaced and fixed all the time, so that takes it back even further

- Taj Mahal has the Vaidic architecture - 8 sided polygon. The 4 towers on 4 corners is ancient Vaidic method - just like the 4 pillars for a Mandap

- The Kuraan script on Tajmahal walls - those stones clearly show that they were put in or forced in those places later - the borders do not match the original design - the kuraan aayate are not in straight line - they seem to have been forcefully put in there after stripping off the original design

- The top border of walls , just above Kuraan , reveal designs made up of snake pairs

- There is a "Ganesh Patti" - a single row of Ganesh images near the entrance - 3 sided elephants

- Remember that no animals or birds are allowed to be sculptured near a kabar

- The "chaand" at the top of Taj Mahal - its not Muslim Chand. You see a design with a Ghat (kumbh), two leaves and this chandrakor. There is no typical Muslim 'almost circular moon with star'

- In 1958-59, they found Murtis when a part of a wall crashed down. It was told to Maulana Aazad who told it to Nehru. But the government did not want to hurt communal feelings and the news was kept a secret

- In a museum at Lucknow, they have a ShilaaLekh on the same kind of black stone as that is found near Taj Mahal - that clearly mentions the structure of TajMahal -

"It is built for Lord Shiva. King of that region wanted Shiva to live in his kingdom. He built a home for him, looking just like Kailas. White ..made with marble ..resembling kailas"

- The structure of TajMahal is ancient design of Vastu Purush. The huge base being the 'Aasan' or his folded legs. The structure on it is like the body and the tomb is like the head.

- There are letters available which reveal that Shahjahan bought this land and the palace of Raja Mansingh in exchange of very little money

- In Badshah Naama - it clearly states that "we did the last rites of Mumtaj in Raja Mansingh's palace and buried her there'

- There is a letter from Aurangjeb to Shahjahan about deteorating condition of roofs and walls of old buldings of Tajmahal - this letter dates just 3 years after when history believes 'Shahjahan built a brand new Taj Mahal'

- Shahjahan had thousands of wives along with affairs with maids and also his own daughter - why would he spend so much on one wife. He never built anything when she was alive.

- Just 3 years before the so called date of construction of Tajmahal, Shahjahan had come on the throne after intense battles - he had no money left - forget about spending so much on 1 structure

- Taj Mahal has 5 levels. On two of its visible levels/floors, there are two Kabars of Mumtaz. When did you see a kabar built on 1st floor, so above from the ground ? The intent was clear - t0 snatch the structure away from Rajputs - build kabars on every floor and declare it as a property of Mughal empire.

- But you can have Shivling on two floors - AhilyaBai's mandir and other mandirs have same architecture of levels

- You see Mumtaz's kabar in the middle of that 8 sides structure - an empty huge tile sits facing it near an entrance - There was a Nandi there which has been removed. Under that kabar is remains of ancient shivlinga

-Shahjahan himself did not intent to take the credit of Tajmahal. He stripped it off of its gold , diamonds and even the world famous Mayur Sinhasan - used all that money for his empire. He basically wanted to snatch that structure away from Rajputs and so he ordered to change it and convert it into a kabaristan - so that they will not want to take it back

- He never intended to take the credit though - In fact he never even mentions it in any of his papers. It is the historians who hyped it to please the government later on. Add to it the
lack of communication modes at that time, uneducated people and you have an excellent mix

-the structure was not built around a kabar. The kabar was built inside an already existing structure

- Unfortunately we depended on only the foreign accounts of our own history. We forgot that none of it / hardly any of it can be reliable

- when you have a minority from outside ruling over local majority , the historians from the minority can hype about anything to make their kings look great

- None of the structures have been built by Mughals - not Taj Mahal, not Laal Kilaa , not Kutub Mahaal ..nothing. Laal Killa , like TajMahal gets mentioned before Shahjahan in hisory.

- Mahal is not even a word in Farsi/Iranian/Turki history. Apart from Taj Mahal, none of the structures from India to Turkey has 'Mahal' in its name. Whereas, even in Shiavji's papers , he mentions 'mahal, paragane' etc

- Mughals were fighters, conqureres and pluderers. The intent was to survive against other kingdoms, kill or die , grab as much as you can from the region you conquer. They never worried about building grand structures like these.

The book goes on and on. Above are just a few points

Again, these are not my views. So dont come looking for me :)

for more information :-

close-up of the pinnacle on the top of taj-mahal

vedic style corridor

om in the walls of taj-mahal

secret bricked door that may hide some evidences


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You can find 4~5 Kabars on the First Floor in Ashrafi Mahal - Situated in Mandu, M.P.
We should concentrate on Development,
We can earn a huge, If develop Tour Infra in India.

richa jain said...

very nice
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Anonymous said...

All are gups.

How ?

the one who says all this is denying that all are his views.

Think logically, there is no "chand" in muslims they are just signs!

Taj has been named on his wife who was Taj

The hom sign is a flower open you inner eyes.

20,0000 thousand workers hand were cut is a proof that it was build.

the engineer who planned this has been clearly mentioned everywhere.

an english writer first saw this temple/taj (ha ha ha ) and wrote in his book (may be so that hindu muslim fight after ward) but surprising thing is locals never saw this temple.

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