Monday, July 9, 2007

I finally understand the Blog-World.............perhaps. :)

I finally understand the Blog-World.............perhaps. :)
Well yes!! Kind-of.

Let me explain:

I have always had a particular dislike for the random forwarded emails and those intelligent / beautiful / inspiring ppt that flood my Inbox every now and then. One such ppt tells me that God has created problems, worries and troubles for humans for the simple reason that we learn from those problems and become better, fitter and stronger human-beings. It also has the Butterfly-out-of –a-cocoon example and the Heating-the-Clay-becomes-Brick example.

June 2 2007 Delhi-HT had the following Headline on the Cover Page:

3 out of 4 emails out of India are Spam.

Really ???

I never got a mail from Amitabh Bachhan trying to sell me Viagra or Aneel Ambani offering me secret herbs to promising me to help “be a man in bed” or “be able to satisfy my girl better”. I know that a spammer would most probably consciously choose a “western” name to excite Indians, considering our lust love and admiration for the “sex-filled” western culture. It’s high time, even the spammer figured out that no longer do Amanda and Hotgal_69 turn us on.

The Article:


The report says 76 percent of total emails generated in India is considered spam, compared to the world average of 56 percent.



Probably (Just a random thought), these forwards mails also fall under the category of spam????

This is what Cambridge Dictionary defines spam as:

spam (COMPUTING) noun [U] informal disapproving:
unwanted email, usually advertisements

UNWANTED EMAIL, usually advertisements.

Coming back to the main topic: I feel like that butterfly fighting its way out of the cocoon, I finally have learnt to accept that either most of the people who read my blog are absolutely normal average people or sab karmon ka phal hai??

It’s like, whenever I read about piracy and why/how one should avoid it and try to stop it, I do understand that piracy is wrong, but somehow I manage to not feel guilty about the new song I just downloaded. I totally appreciate that the Music Company is being wronged but, chalta hai yaar. Similarly, whenever I see a work of art or read a blog which I feel deserves to be appreciated again go: what’s the point of typing “Nice Post” in every blog? Abh, karni ka phal to bharna hi hai, now when I do not get any comments on my post and do not care. Infact, as one of my teachers used to say: If u do not ask any question either you have not understood a word of what I said or you understood everything. So, its pretty simple, my blog has left you so stunned that you don’t know what to reply ;).

P.S.: comments are open
And I have just completed downloading parts of Pirates-III so CHAO.

Stay, Spiritually Hellivated ;)

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