Monday, July 9, 2007


As the season changes our love matures
his hands become more tense and kisses more dense
the feeling has no boundaries
as it is new n happy sensation
doubts get easily solved
and fights are all easily resolved
because the state of emotions mature
we stay together for longer durations
in each others embrace as we stay
we stay liplocked for hours together
our love matures as we stay
physical attractions becomes irrelevant
what matters is love and trust
for trust develops as we stay together
for love matures as we stay
ideas and thoughts are understood UnSaId
for the love matures as we stay
with eyes everything can be left UnSaId
with eyes everything seems already SAID
for patience and beliefs can be left UnSaId
as the yes say it all
as the season change our love matures
as the love matures as we stay

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