Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Jayant, my friend, told me the following incident which I wish to share with you. It has had a deep impact on my thinking.
In the diwali vacation, Jayant and his couple of friends had gone to Delhi. They rented a taxi for local sight-seeing. The driver was an old Sardar, and boys being boys, Jayant and his pals began cracking Sardarji jokes, just to insinuate the old man. But to their surprise, the fellow remained unperturbed.
At the end of the sight-seeing, they paid up the hire-charges. The Sardar returned the change. Moreover, he gave each one of them one rupee extra and said, (in Hindi, of course), ''Son, since morning you have been telling Sardarji jokes. I listened to them all and let me tell you, some of them were in a very bad taste. Still, I don't mind coz I know that you are young blood and are yet to see the world. But I have just one request. Here I am giving you one rupee each. Give it to the first Sardar beggar that you come across in this city."

Jayant continued," That one rupee coin is still with me. I couldn't find a single Sardar begging on the streets of Delhi." Friends we all love sardar jokes
, but the fact of matter is that Sikhs are one of the most prosperous and diversified communities in the world. The secret behind their universal success, according to me, is their willingness to do any job with utmost dedication. A Sardar will drive a truck or set up a roadside garage or a dhaba, but he will never beg on the streets


Marutham said...

It is bad on people playing jokes on sardars. :)
Sad indeed.
But that only shows how immature they are.
Am not communal - so not much sure of what to say. But as a human being it is very silly to play jokes on another human. Jokes are OKAY as long as they are not intended to offend anyone :)
Lets hope people understand that.

Its time people learn to respect another HUMAN being & his feelings atleast :)


Rakesh Patwari said...

As everybody knows, Sardars had a great contributions in our freedom fight.

During English Rule, to depress them britishers started a new column in newspaper called
SANTA - BANTA's Joke. they imitate all thier jokes on sardars to put them down.

Unfortunately this practice is still continued. please respect them

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