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Ranjha Ranjha kardi ni mein...........

Raanjha raanjha kardi ni men aape raanjha hoi
Saddo ni menu dhido raanjha, heer na aakho koi.

Raanjha men vich men raanjhe vich, hor khayaal na koi,
Men nahin, o aap hai aapani aap kare dil joi.

Hath khundi, mere agge mangu, modde bhuri loey,
Bulla heer saleti vekho kithe ja khaloi

Bulleh Shah

Love story of Heer-Ranjha

Heer Saleti is an extremely beautiful woman, born into a wealthy Jatt family of the Sayyal clan. Ranjha (whose first name is Dheedo; Ranjha is the surname), also a Jatt, is the youngest of four brothers and lives in the village 'Takht Hazara' by the river Chenab. Being his father's favorite son, unlike his brothers who had to toil in the lands, he led a life of ease playing the flute ('Wanjhli'/'Bansuri'). After a quarrel with his brothers over land, Ranjha leaves home. In Waris Shah's version of the epic, it is said that Ranjha left his home because his brothers' wives refused to give him food. Eventually he arrives in Heer's village and falls in love with her. Heer offers Ranjha a job as caretaker of her father's cattle. She becomes mesmerised by the way Ranjha plays his flute and eventually falls in love with him. They meet each other secretly for many years until they are caught by Heer's jealous uncle, Kaido, and her parents Chuchak and Malki. Heer is forced by her family and the local priest or 'mullah' to marry another man called Saida Khera.

Ranjha is heartbroken. He is left to walk the quiet villages on his own until eventually he meets a 'Jogi' (ascetic). After meeting Baba Gorakhnath, the founder of the "Kanphata"(pierced ear) sect of ascetics('Jogis'), at 'Tilla Jogian' (the 'Hill of Ascetics', located 50 miles north of the historic town of Bhera, Sargodha District, Punjab (Pakistan)), Ranjha voluntarily becomes a Jogi, piercing his ears and renouncing the material world. Reciting the name of the Lord, "Alakh Niranjan", on his travels around the Punjab, he eventually finds the village where he is reunited with Heer.

The two return to Heer's village, where Heer's parents agree to their marriage. However, on the wedding day, Heer's jealous uncle Kaido poisons her food so that the wedding will not take place. Hearing this news, Ranjha rushes to aid Heer, but he is too late, as she has already eaten the poison and died. Brokenhearted once again, Ranjha takes the poisoned Laddu (sweet) which Heer has eaten and dies by her side.

Heer and Ranjha are buried in a Punjabi town called Jhang, Punjab. Lovers and others often pay visits to their mausoleum.

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Lost in a blinding hot shower of stars
My world has contracted to fit in your arms
Enveloped in you and I cannot be saved
As my heart leaps towards you, bound by its cage
Every last nerve ending searing with fire
As my conscience is slowly consumed by desire
The taste of your lips and the scent of your skin
Where love and the rest of my life will begin
And as my last defences collapse at your feet
I surrender myself in becoming complete.


It's hard to put to words the thrills that shook me head to toe,
But you were there, and shared it, so I'm certain that you know.

I held your hand and felt my heart beat faster than a race,
My brain had turned to mush as I moved nearer to your face.

I felt your warm breath on my lips as we leaned closer yet,
I feared I would lose consciousness before our lips had met.

And then, the kiss, it happened and the moment froze in time,
To feel this good was just too much, it had to be a crime.

Forgive me dear, I've lost the words, remembering the bliss,
For now all I can think to say is 'please, another kiss.'


Dear mother,

Mother is another word for love
No love is as sweet as hers

Mother is another word for friend
No friend is as faithful as her

Mother is another word for God
No god can be as great

Mother is another word for compassion
No one can be as kind

Mother is another word for teacher
She teaches lessons of life

Mother is another word for sacrifice
She’ll give up the world for you!!!

I love YOU MOM!!!

English translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahibji

Siri Guru Granth Sahibji

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